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Lenny Smith from Kenner, La with his American Eagle P-51D Mustang. 35lbs with epoxyglass fuse and foam core wing and stabilizers. It is 102in span and 92in long. Glassed with .75oz cloth and West System epoxy. Finish is PPG base/clear and graphics by Bill Fulmer. Robart retracts, dual batteries and switches, and Futaba radio. 4.2 Sachs on mag. with an extended prop hub to keep the engine inside the cowl. Lenny says "Very nimble and light on the sticks for a plane this size"(click on picture for larger image)
Dean Di Giorgio's P-51 built from a Fiberclassic kit and finishing second in team scale at Top Gun 2000. This 38lb. winner features drop tanks, complete cockpit and a 3w80r2 inline engine. This Mustang is a faithful rendition of a real one flown by the 319th FG based in Italy in WWII. The original pilot has documented the work and travels to watch the model fly. (Click on picture to see more)
Jim Kearns, from Vinton Iowa, holds this beautiful Mustang he built from Flying Models plans. I had a chance to fly this bird and it was very smooooth. Thanks Jim. (Click on picture to see more)
Mike Zellar's Top Flite P-51 is powered by a Zenoah G-45 which does very nicely. Robart retracts, Full cockpit, glassed and painted with Chevron perfect paints. The really neat thing about this plane I think is that I modeled it after the full scale "Glamorous Gal". I changed the name from Gal to Gail to honor my lovely wife who puts up with me and this hobby for past 10 years with a smile no less. The nose art you see is actually of her. (Click on picture to see more)
Joe Wilkens of Indianapolis built this great looking P-51 from a Bud Nosen kit. Joe says it has 102" wingspan, weighs 36lbs and uses a 5.2 Sachs for punch.
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Gary Booth from Rhome, Texas brought this great looking Nosen P-51. The Mustang features a 100" wingspan at 40lbs. with a G-62 for power. Gary won this plane in last years Bomber Field raffle!
Photo by Wendell Maakestad
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Jeff's Byron P-51 looks great as it waits for another flight. Jeff tried 2 different reduction units, but the mustang flies best on a Brison 3.2 direct drive.
Photo by Jim Patrick
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Daryl's P-51 is built form Ziroli plans. This warbird features a 98" wingspan, weighs 38lbs, and flies solid with a Sachs 4.2
Photo by Jim Patrick
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Rupert Cundrič's of Bled, Slovenia and his P-51 created from his own plans. It has 1620mm wingspan and a weight of 4.7kg. It´s powered with ASP 0.90 motor and 3blade 12x8 prop. It´s all wooden construction and it have also flaps and retractable gear. I also made removable cannopy, instrument panel
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Jeff Bobo's from Toulouse in France shows off his scratch built P-51 from a PPMOD fiberglass fuselage. His plane based on the original "Old Crow" which was an unarmed P51D based in Oslo,Norway. The model 1/5th scale w/ a wingspan 89", Century Jet retracts, ZG62 engine and 22/12 prop. It weighs 31 pounds and it is rather easy to fly. Jeff also has a Mosquito on RCWarbirds.com and this P-51 was featured as Photo of the Month September 2007. (click on picture for more)
John Braun Jr's  giant scale Top Flite Mustang doing a fly-by. The Paint scheme is that of a German captured American P-51B Mustang. featured as John's P-51 was also featured as Photo of the Month November 2007.
Photo by Eddy Faup
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Stephen Thomas' from down under in Queenslands Australia with sons and his Composite ARF P51D Dove of Piece. I have a 3W 75i engine throwing a 26/10 mez. Servo’s are all metal geared Hitec 5945’s. 9 channel JR receiver. 3 x 2400 NiCad batteries with back up. Working scale exhaust. Approximately 300 hours construction. Cockpit by Dynamic Balsa. Two Pac paint finish. Decals by Aero art and Decals, Australia. Built 05.(click on picture for more)
Jaime Ramirez from Laredo Tx and his P-51 mustang Old Crow Top Flight Mustang ARC Power Plant DA50R W 22x10 3W prop operates on 9 servos weight 25 lbs. Robart  landing gear extra sensitive iron on monocote was applied for flawless finish. this picture was taken @ Winter Rally Of Giants in Weslaco Texas 2008 (click on picture for more)
Serge Puis of Palm Springs, California sends us pictures of his TF P-51 ARC version with a DA50 and KELEO exhaust stacks and Sierra retracts. He adds that if flys amazingly.
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