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August 29/30/31

The Air Force Museum at Dayton Ohio will be the place to be on Labor day weekend 2003. If you like large R/C Warbirds and a world class museum full of the real thing mark you calendar now to attend the D.O.G.S. Giant Scale event at the AFB museum in Dayton Ohio.

Fly your models off the same runways used by WWII era fighters and bombers. Plan now to attend next years 2003 Dayton Air Force Museum Labor Day Fly-In and bring your IMAA sized R/C Warbird(s). This site,, will promote this great event all year and help rally the r/c warbird community to have the largest gathering of r/c warbirds these historic grounds have ever witnessed !


With Air Force Museum hangers in the background Bob Campbell and crew prepare his 1/3 scale Mustang for a memorable flight at the Dayton Ohio Giant Scalers Labor Day fly-in .

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These are some of the great warbird builders and fliers that are planning to attend. Click on their pictures to see more about each pilot and planes.

Carl Bachhuber

Carl designs and builds large bombers and usually brings more than one to an event.


Jeff Quesenberry

Jeff is our Big Bird advisor. His latest is this 13 foot Corsair. Jeff always brings several warbirds.


Merlyn Graves

Merlyn designs and builds large warbirds and his new Bronco and large Vulcan bomber will attend.


Museum Update From Gary Webb

Air boss of the D.O.G.S. Dayton AFB museum's 2003 event

Hi, just wanted you to know and pass on to the warbird lovers out there that the U.S. Air Force Museum's new Cold War gallery is now open. It is the largest gallery in the museum. All of the galleries from Beginning flight, Airpower Gallery and the new Cold War galleries are completely redone. The WWII gallery contains two P-47's, one razor back the other bubble. They have
just put on display a V-2 rocket and launcher. This is the only one on display in the U.S. Also in the Vietnam gallery there is a Russian S.A.M. on display. If anyone wants to attend the behind the scenes tour of the restoration shop areas, please phone the museum and make reservations. Thetours are on Fridays only and start at 12:30 pm and run about two hours. If doing the museum is high on your list to do then don't miss this!! I can highly recommend this tour. Call 937-255-3284 If anyone coming to the fly-in has questions about the museum they can either contact myself or Joe Balmer or call the number above. The museum staff has gone all out for the Centennial of flight. IF YOU WERE HERE LAST YEAR, YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE MUSEUM! It has changed that much. You probably think I am a little excited about the museum. I love to watch the faces on people when they see the all new galleries. Also there is an aviation art exhibit in the hall of honor that all will want to see. Can't wait to share it with all the modelers. Note: Joe Balmer and I do volunteer work at the museum and have watched the metamorphous take place.
Dayton in 2003 is definitely the place to be.
See you soon.
Gary Webb

A Note From Gary Webb

Air boss of the D.O.G.S. Dayton AFB museum's 2003 event

Hi every one. We of the D.O.G.S. are putting together a SUPER event this year and are asking the WAR BIRD builders and flyers to help celebrate the centennial of flight with us. We are of need of knowledge of the type of war birds coming to help us design the half time war bird show (The museum is really counting on us to put on a great show with lots of giant scale war birds) Also if anyone is out there building a large Wright B flier or any of the Wright Brothers planes and are willing to bring it home to the beginning of flight celebration let us know. You can contact me at

If you check Frank Nolls web site he should be posting the flying schedule we are going to implement this year. We will be setting aside time for war bird flying only each day besides the half time show. We will also be setting a time each day for 3-D fliers only and then the rest of the day will be open to general flying with restrictions on vertical maneuvers. We are serious about not having any mid airs during and after regular flying hours. Our goal as stated before is to have a fun filled week end of flying for all!!! not just a chosen few.
Gary Webb

Thanks again Gary. I know we will do all we can to bring more warbirds to this historic event.
Paul Grubich


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